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My Keyboard Is Made of Lasers

Spill coffee on your keyboard all day without consequences.
Spill coffee on your keyboard all day without consequences.
Image courtesy Amazon.com

Why do you still waste your time with a physical computer keyboard? It's the 21st century! User interface devices like that should be either in a museum or nailed to the walls of a funky New York coffee shop. Get it off your desk now and replace it with lasers already.

What's that? You don't think we can build a keyboard out of light particles that amplify a stimulated emission of radiation? Brace yourself, grandpa, because here comes a shocker: The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard is already on the market. For roughly $170, you can fire up this wireless, palm-sized device and let it project a full-size laser keyboard onto any flat surface. A built-in sensor picks up on your finger movements as you type, and a tiny speaker even belts out some clacking noises to make everything feel authentic.

A laser keyboard may feel a bit too work-related for some of you. Before you reach for that low-tech squeeze ball, consider the awesomeness of Buckyballs.