10 Fun Office Toys and Gadgets

The Holographic Desk
Is this the future of office work?
Is this the future of office work?
Colin Anderson/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

What if everything on your desk was a hologram, from the photo of your spouse and your keyboard to the tiny Princess Leia who insists on calling you "Obi Wan." Imagine your entire workspace as interactive illusion. Much of the necessary technology already exists, such as the motion-sensing Kinect interface for Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming system. In fact, Microsoft is already developing this technology into tomorrow's HoloDesk.

Microsoft's OmniTouch technology will allow future cube farmers to use projected touch screens on any flat surface and the HoloDesk system, not unlike the laser keyboard and LuminAR lamp discussed earlier. But as illustrated in videos released by Microsoft's Research department in October 2011, HoloDesk technology allows users to manipulate holographic 3-D images as if they were real.

In other words, the workspace of the future will be amazing -- and so will the pet rocks.

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