Why would you want a WiFi scale?

Diets aren't the only way you can lose weight. Dr. Oz tells us other ways you can control your weight daily in this Discovery Health video.
Discovery Health

The scale is a powerful ally -- or a powerful enemy. Dieters everywhere dread the readout of their bathroom scales, fearful of bad news and gained pounds. The scale is one sure way to judge weight loss, but it brings with it a number of problems. Muscle is denser than fat, meaning your weight could go up as you get into better shape. A few pounds are easy to gain or lose in water weight alone. Worst of all is the way a scale can affect self-worth. Your weight is a number, and it's only as powerful as you let it be -- but for some people, the scale represents guilt and apprehension and affects their happiness.

Boy, do scales sound rotten! Well, with the right mindset, they can keep you informed during a diet and help you stay within a target weight zone. People have been grappling with the positives and negatives of bathroom scales for years, but now this weight loss tool has new appeal for tech junkies: built-in WiFi.

Yes, you really can buy a scale that's ready to connect to your home wireless network and feed you weight information any time during the day. Does that sound terrible? If so, a WiFi scale might not be for you. But let's give this concept a chance. Let's look at how you can use a WiFi scale to your advantage, and how much one would set you back compared to a standard version.