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Yes, this hurts our arms just looking at it, too. Move isn’t just for Pilates professionals. It will work with any body type.
Yes, this hurts our arms just looking at it, too. Move isn’t just for Pilates professionals. It will work with any body type.
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Darmour told us in an interview that she wants Move to be more than a niche product for svelte Pilates experts. She sees Move as a tool for all Pilates devotees, regardless of whether you're a klutzy novice or a seasoned instructor. The adaptable software is a key component of that ideal.

The Move app lets you easily select a user level. With that information, the software's algorithms understand if you're still trying to learn basic moves or if you're more advanced and trying to fine-tune your form to perfection. As the garment collects data, the software interprets all of your movements and creates meaning out of them, with tools such as charts, graphs and percentages to show you how you're progressing. You can view the information on a timeline and see which moves you regularly perform.

You might think this all sounds wonderful until you see Move's advertisements, which invariably feature athletic, toned models. What if you don't have the build of a supermodel? Well, Move is designed to work with anyone's figure. As you begin using the suit, the software calibrates the sensors to function properly with your body type, no matter if you're large or small, in great shape or still couch-potato shaped.

Pilates is a relatively intense physical experience. That goes double if you're just getting active following a sedentary lifestyle or recovering from an ailment. So Darmour points out that Move is designed to encourage a healthier and more active routine, but it's not meant to prescribe the perfect movements for everyone. She stresses that before taking on any new exercise regimen, including Pilates, it's a good idea to first check with your doctor.

Currently, Move is geared mostly towards Pilates, but Electricfoxy plans to build the app so that it can accurately work with activities like golf, yoga and baseball. And although you can't yet purchase any Move-related products as of early 2013, that time is probably coming sooner rather than later. And then you'll be able to stretch, lean and strengthen your digitally enhanced body like you never have before.

Author's Note

I'm a runner, and one who avoids stretching of all kinds unless absolutely necessary. It's not just that I'm lazy (which is true) but also that I sometimes worry that flexing the wrong muscles the wrong way will be counterproductive or perhaps even harmful -- I've had more than one strained muscle from overenthusiastic stretching sessions. A product like Move, though, could make exercise of all kinds more productive -- and, perhaps more importantly, less painful -- in the long run.

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