How the Move Tank Top Works

The Move tank top is no ordinary athletic outfit. It’s wired with high-tech sensors that track your movements.
The Move tank top is no ordinary athletic outfit. It’s wired with high-tech sensors that track your movements.
Image courtesy Electricfoxy

Without proper form, many physical activities, such as Pilates, may be less than beneficial or even treacherous. And there is nothing quite as demoralizing as trying to improve your fitness and instead winding up in a chiropractor's office sobbing in agony. In Pilates, form is so critical that many pay teachers heaping piles of cash to make sure their spines don't look like a pretzel. But teachers are expensive and they require you to, you know, actually leave the house, which you don't always want to do.

Sure, you could invest in a wall-sized mirror that lets you eyeball your movements. But expending energy watching your own figure for proper form is awkward at best, and can cause misalignment -- the very thing you're trying to avoid. That's where the Move comes in.

Move, invented by Jennifer Darmour of Electricfoxy design studio, is an exercise garment laced with sensors and haptic feedback components. The clothing integrates with a mobile app and cloud storage to archive and analyze data on your body's positioning and determine how accurate your movements are. If your mermaid side bend looks more like the hunchback than Ariel, Move immediately activates tiny vibrating motors on your clothing. You'll feel a nudge in the area where your form is less than ideal.

It's sort of like having a hands-on instructor right in your home, minus the touchy embarrassment. Move will also work for more than just Pilates. The system can be configured to help you hone form for yoga, ballet, your golf swing and even your baseball pitching technique.

After your workout is complete, you can review your performance on the app that you install on your smartphone or tablet. You'll see charts and graphs and numbers galore that indicate how well (or how poorly) you kept your body aligned for the activity you specified. You can also upload this data to social networks to seek encouragement or share it with your teachers or doctors, who can provide feedback from afar.

In other words, Move isn't just about geeking out your spandex. It's about improving and accelerating your overall physical performance and preventing injuries.

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