10 Weird Wearables That Monitor Your Health

Digital Posture Correction
The Lumo Lift app functions acts like your mother, reminding you to sit up straight. LUMO BodyTech

When you were a kid, you probably had a parent or teacher who nagged you continuously about the importance of sitting and standing up straight, lest you develop some hideous deformity, or failing that, appear so dyspeptic and unmotivated that nobody would ever hire you for a job.

Unfortunately, they're not following you around these days giving you those annoying reminders, and as a result, you're probably slumping when you sit at the computer keyboard or stand in line at your favorite fast-food joint. There's growing evidence that bad posture not only causes backaches, but also can negatively affect your mood and energy [source: Brown].

Fortunately, a wearable gadget promises to fix all that. The Lumo Lift wearable digital posture corrector is a lapel pin-sized square sensor that you can clip to your clothes. You can set it to gently vibrate whenever you need a reminder to keep your head lifted and shoulders back. To shame you even more, it also tracks the amount of time that you maintain good posture during the day, and reports that information to your smartphone [source: Lumobodytech.com].

Another intriguing wearable is the Kinetic smart back brace, which alerts you if you're picking up heavy objects improperly [source: Finley].