How the Harry Winston Opus Eleven Works

Author's Note

Bling is not my thing. My cheap Casio watch tells perfect time and I never have to wind it. I started writing this article wondering where the ultra-wealthy were when the common sense was being handed out. To shell out the price of a decent home, not to mention a Ferrari 458 Italia sports car (top speed 202 mph or 325.1 kph), for a wristwatch? Gimme a break.

But as someone interested in history, I began to look into the long tradition of collecting fine timepieces. Today, we go to museums and stare with wonder at works of artistic and engineering ingenuity from bygone centuries. In their day, those clocks, astrolabes or mechanical nightingales might have struck some as pointless baubles. But they exist because the wealthy folks of those days chose to invest in beauty rather than something else. For all we know, some 25th-century tourist might stare at a Harry Winston Opus Eleven and marvel at the ingenuity of our own time.

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