How the Iqua VizorSUN Works

Benefits of the Iqua VisorSUN

The Iqua VizorSUN hands-free phone kit.
The Iqua VizorSUN hands-free phone kit.
Courtesy Iqua

The VizorSUN extends the life of the battery through its solar cells, by as much as 20 hours of talk time by recharging the battery. It can also stand by on a full charge from the solar cells for 500 hours [source: Apple]. Since it clips to the visor, which is more often up than down, the solar cells may be hidden from the sun. To get the maximum amount of sunlight exposure, the device comes with a dashboard plate that's held fast by suction cups.

If you live and drive in a sunny climate, this could conceivably mean that your VizorSUN will never leave your car. Drivers who live in Fargo, ND, have little reason to fear. In the dead of winter (or spring, summer or autumn), the device's internal battery can be recharged via USB hook up.

Since the Iqua VizorSUN is a hands-free adapter for wireless phones, it offers the benefit of safety by definition. The interface is plainly clear; push one button to talk or disconnect and another for volume. If your phone has voice-activated dialing, then the VizorSUN does too, which makes it a fully hands-free device. Aside from an indictor that shows the level of the battery charge, that's about it for the interface. The device also clips to the car's sun visor, which puts it within reach of the driver, and in the same line of sight as the road.

About one million drivers on U.S. roads are talking on their cells phones at any given moment. These drivers are four times more likely to get into major car accidents than drivers who aren't using a handheld cell phone [source: Edmunds]. Talking or texting on handheld cell phones and even using Bluetooth headsets or earphones fall into the category of distracted driving (so do fiddling with an iPod or a navigation system, as well as unruly children in the car). It makes sense; focusing one's attention on finding the perfect song for the perfect moment, telling one's kid to pipe down or texting sweet nothings at 80 miles per hour can lead to trouble along the road.

Completely hands-free calling may lead to easier calling, but even when using a hands-free device like the VizorSUN, you should pay attention to the road and avoid calls when possible [source: AAA]. Even with the most advanced of technologies, when something as unpredictable as humans is factored into the equation, nothing can be perfect.

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