Top 5 Green Automotive Gadgets to Help You Save Gas and Save Money


Solar Battery Charger

Cost: $35 and up

If you are one of those people who likes gadgets, such as the ones above, not to mention a few others, such as mp3 players, satellite radios, cell phones, etc., if you leave those plugged into your vehicle on a regular basis, you are slowly draining your vehicles battery. Then when you get in your vehicle to drive somewhere, not only does your ignition have to work harder to start the vehicle (wasting gas), your alternator has to work overtime to recharge the battery (wasting even more gas).The better choice would be to use one of the new solar powered vehicle chargers, similar to the ones that Nissan is shipping to dealers so that they do not have to worry about dead batteries after sitting around the sales lot for months. Especially in this economy! Chargers such as the 12 Volt Solar BatterySaver SE 150 won't charge an overly drained battery, but they will offer just enough extra electricity to compensate for either an extended lapse in driving, or the use of various accessories in your vehicle.