5 Extravagant Car Amenities


Massage and Climate-controlled Seats

Don't let traffic stress you out. Have a massage and leave the driving to Jeeves.
Don't let traffic stress you out. Have a massage and leave the driving to Jeeves.
Photo courtesy Toyota

­Feeling stressed? Let the chauffeur take the wheel and you can relax in the reclining backseat. Still not relaxed enough? How about a shiatsu massage? N­o, this amenity isn't a beautiful Japanese masseuse in person, but it's the next best thing. How does a reclining backseat with massage capabilities sound? The backseat of the Lexus LS 600h L includes the option of a shiatsu or a shoulder massage, capabilities built into seats that function like electric massage chairs.

Have you ever gotten up from a car seat and had to peel yourself off the hot stickiness? Or frozen to your leather seat on a wintry day? Leather, despite all its luxuriousness, hardly ever seems to be a comfortable temperature. The people over at Cadillac have crafted a solution to this conundrum that has plagued the pampered for generations. With perforated leather, the seats of the 2008 STS Cadillac-V are ventilated with channels through which air can move, preventing the chair from getting uncomfortably hot [source: Grant, Cadillac]. The carmakers also incorporated heating units under that perforated leather for those cold days as well.

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