5 Extravagant Car Amenities


Over-the-top Sound Systems

These stereo systems go to 11.
These stereo systems go to 11.

­There's nothing like turning up the music in the car and rocking out to your favorite songs. But for some, this experience needs to be so powerful and high-quality that the minimum, factory-installed speakers are simply not enough. We've all been stopped at red lights next to a car equipped with a trunk full of speakers, exuding deafening bass and blasting music loudly enough to be heard hundreds of feet away in all directions.

But for those who want to keep the space in their backseats and trunks for groceries and suitcases instead of filling it with monolithic speakers, there are more luxurious options. Audi, for instance, offers a Bose surround sound system with 14 speakers, including a subwoofer. There's even a microphone that picks up on the noise level in the car so that it can automatically adjust the volume louder to compensate for background noise [source: Audi]. And, not to be outdone, Lincoln even started incorporating THX-certified (basically, movie-theater quality) audio systems in their luxury cars [source: CNet].