Top 5 Car GPS Devices


TomTom GO 930

The TomTom 930 devices are high-end GPS navigators and have an impressive feature set to show for it. One particularly useful feature, called TomTom IQ Routes, calculates the fastest route to a destination using historical traffic data, so that it can make the best possible guess about how long a given route will take you to drive. Advanced Lane Guidance carefully maps out lane changes on the screen so that you'll know what lane you should be in for upcoming turns. Instructions are both spoken and displayed on the screen. You can use the method that works best for you.

TomTom MapShare lets users modify the street names, points of interest and instructions stored on the 930, then transmit those modifications so that other TomTom GO 930 users can benefit from them. The HelpMe! emergency menu displays local emergency services such as police and hospitals, and lets you access information about them by touching the screen. Of course, the 930 also has all the features you'd expect, like Bluetooth integration, an MP3 player and an FM transmitter that will send audio from the device to your car's radio. The MSRP is a fairly steep $531.99, but you mat determine that the TomTom GO 930's feature set is worth it.