Top 5 Car GPS Devices


Garmin nuvi 880

The Garmin nüvi 880
The Garmin nüvi 880
Courtesy of Garmin

­The Garmin nüvi 880 has just about every feature you could want in a GPS navigator. The voice recognition capability combined with the "Where Am I?" feature, makes it easy to find nearby gas stations and hospitals without even taking your hands off the wheel. Multi-destination routing allows the driver to queue up several destinations and find a convenient route that takes in all of them. The large, bright, 4.3-inch (10.9-centimeter) widescreen display lets you look at your vehicle's route both in a 3-D view and as a top-down map.

Not only will the Garmin nüvi 880 show you where you're going, it'll show you where you've been, too. A trip log with an electronic "breadcrumb trail" will record your route should you want to review your progress. Along the way, a custom database lets the nüvi 880 alert you when you're close to preselected destinations that you may be interested in checking out further.

Like a lot of current-generation GPS systems, the Garmin nüvi 880 has built-in Bluetooth integration for hands-free phone calling. And for those long, boring trips it also has an MP3 player and a JPG picture viewer. At a manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) of $799 the Garmin nüvi 880 is not cheap, but those looking for a full-feature navigation system might find the cost worthwhile.