5 Bluetooth Car Accessories

Essential Car Gadgets Image Gallery Bluetooth technology can add quite a bit of convenience to the average car. See more pictures of essential car gadgets.
© iStockphoto/Natalia Belotelova

New technologies grow up so fast. Take Bluetooth for example. Known to many in its early days as an annoying phone accessory that made perfectly rational people look like lunatics jabbering away to themselves, it's now so much more.

Bluetooth has found its way into many aficionados' lives. In the home, it can build a network between electronic devices including cell phones, home phones, PCs and GPS navigators to bridge lines of communication and get everything in sync. In this article, we'll be focusing on another arena for Bluetooth proliferation, the modern commuter's home away from home -- the car.

While certainly not an all-inclusive list, on the next few pages, we'll be delving into some of the must-haves if you plan on turning your vehicle into a Bluetooth-enabled zone par excellence. Coming up first? The command center.