What's the world's largest iPod dock?

What's the point of an 8-foot-wide iPod dock?

An 8-foot (2.4 meter) wide, 700-pound (318-kilogram) iPod dock is guaranteed to make an impression. It's not exactly the kind of device you forget -- or can even afford, most likely. The Behringer iNuke Boom costs $30,000 and produces a staggering 10,000 watts of sound. Wattage doesn't guarantee great sound, but it does guarantee some serious sound pressure, or loudness. The average audio gear offers wattages in the teens or hundreds, so the iNuke Boom is obviously a heavy duty speaker system.

But who wants to spend $30,000 on an iPod dock when they could buy a pair of audiophile-caliber speakers or a huge surround sound setup for that price? Well, it's a great headline-grabber for Behringer, and at a max output of 130 decibels it is, as advertised, about as loud as a rock concert [source: Wired]. Is that something the average person needs (or even wants) in their home? Not so much. The iNuke Boom isn't as flexible as a regular pair of speakers, which can be hooked up to any entertainment center. It's designed to play music from Apple devices, which use a proprietary input to charge and play audio.

Behringer debuted the iNuke Boom at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show and generated plenty of press attention. That's precisely what a 700-pound iPod dock is good for.

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