How Headphone Hats Work

Essential Gadgets Image Gallery A headphone hat will handle a bad hair day and keep you jamming along to your favorite playlist. See more pictures of essential gadgets.
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These days, many of us don't go anywhere without several different portable pieces of technology in tow. Seriously -- what would we do without our cell phones? How would we call, text, e-mail, Twitter, search the Internet and take photos while we're out grocery shopping? And what about that portable DVD player? It's a lifesaver on long car and plane rides. Our laptops come with us everywhere and have replaced notepads and pens on college campuses around the world. And then, there are all the options we have for music. Walk down any city street and it's more than likely the majority of passers-by will be walking to the beat of their favorite tunes.

But what can an avid music lover do when the winter winds bring frostbite to uncovered ears and the need to bundle up takes precedent to jamming along with your latest play list? Try sorting through the many options available in the headphone hat market.

Headphone hats are exactly what they sound like -- hats with attachable headphones. This way, you can keep your music turned up and keep your head protected from the harsh elements of winter. In fact, these hats aren't meant just for warmth. For a few years, baseball style caps with radio hook-ups have been available for your listening pleasure. Long before the days of MP3 players, headphone hats were available for tape players, portable CD sets and more [source: Anderson].

Try looking around online to read about the many options you have. While this seems like a sporty product, you'd be surprised by the wide array of manufacturers. Big box stores can offer you great deals and your favorite clothing store at the mall may have a variety in interesting or stylish patterns. Expect to pay anywhere from $10 for a basic hat and headphone pairing, up to about $200 for the most technologically advanced hat you can find.

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