Getting Intel on Intel

Intel has been prodding the limitations of Moore's law with powerful processors for ages. But what else has the tech behemoth been up to? We visited Intel at CES to check out the company's other products, like the ones that collect data from a snowboard or allow robots to see.

Intel's Curie module is what can give you all the information about a snowboarder's incredible performance, among other things. This system on a chip (or SoC) is essentially an entire computing system reduced to the size of a single silicon chip. For something so small, it's incredibly impressive.

For one thing, the Curie has gyroscopes and accelerometers that give it motion detection along six axes of movement. Intel designed Curie to be conservative with its power needs, and it uses low energy Bluetooth to communicate with other devices. The module can sense motion and send information to other gadgets in real time. This means the Curie can be put into other stuff like bicycles, snowboards or even dresses to create interesting effects.

Inset Inset
A model shows off Intel's Chromat Adrenaline Dress at CES 2016.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Adrenaline dress is a great example (and a real thing). The Curie can sense when the wearer's breathing quickens and directs actuators to expand a lattice of material outward. The dress mimics the behavior of animals that try to make themselves look larger in the face of a threat.

Meanwhile, Intel's RealSense technology aims to change the way we interact with our electronics. It's a three-camera system designed to detect depth. It can work like a 3-D scanner or provide the capability of a gesture interface similar to Microsoft's Kinect product. And it can even give robots 3-D vision, making it easier for them to detect potential obstacles as they move around an environment.

Those are just two examples of the tech that Intel has been showing off lately. With these developments, it looks like our world is going to become even more data-rich and responsive to us. Though it may be a while before we see that Adrenaline dress hit department stores.