5 Therapeutic Ways to Use Virtual Reality

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How Alan Turing and His Test Became AI Legend

How Alan Turing and His Test Became AI Legend

HowStuffWorks Looks at the Turing Test and whether it has been passed by an intelligent artificial being or not.

Author's Note: 5 Therapeutic Ways to Use Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is pretty amazing: it's awesome for recreation, cool for communication. But it's also an extraordinarily effective tool for making therapeutic activities safe, specific and testable. As if you couldn't tell from the piece, there's not a lot more uplifting than seeing dramatically disabled children play realistically physical games in a virtual environment. While it might make sense to test phobia reactions in virtual reality, the idea of pain management and schizophrenia treatment is surprising. Clearly, there's still a lot of room for virtual reality to help therapeutic practice.

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