Our 10 Favorite Replacements for 'Where's My Flying Car?'

Look, would you even want to share airspace with the crazy drivers zooming around on the roads today? Right. So let's stop focusing so much on a future filled with flying cars. © Corbis

Time keeps on slipping into the future, but somehow the future we get is never quite the one we anticipated. Even when the expected elements emerge, they somehow sneak in under the radar. After all, the modern world bears many of the telltale signs futurists and sci-fi stories described – like dystopian governments, hand-held sensor-communicators and miraculous supermaterials -- but even as we listen to news of how Big Brother is watching us, played on our carbon-fiber-wrapped smartphones, somehow we don't feel like the sci-fi future has quite arrived.

Perhaps the disconnect stems from the fact that we've exchanged Googie buildings for Google architecture and swapped high-speed monorails for information superhighways. And yes, maybe the lack of flying cars has something to do with it, but, considering drunk-driving rates, perhaps we shouldn't rush to see that particular prediction come true. Instead, let us consider 10 equally futuristic alternatives, many of which are closer than you think and others that have already arrived.