10 Emerging Technologies in the Energy Industry


Streamline the Turbine

Some people look at a field of twirling white wind turbines and see a cleaner, brighter future. Birds with wildflowers held in their cute little beaks chirp around their heads like Cinderella getting her dress sewn. Sparkles are optional, but recommended.

Some people look at those turbines and see whirling blades of death. Sorry, birdies.

Enter the Saphonian, which is not the bad guy in a new Star Trek movie, though it should be. It is a bladeless wind turbine. It looks a bit like a satellite dish on a stalk rather than like a windmill designed by Ikea. Besides not killing Cinderella's friends, the Saphonian is easier on the ears of humans and animals alike and converts wind power to energy more efficiently. It's a win-win. Or a wind-wind, if you like puns.