10 Emerging Technologies in the Energy Industry

Author's Note

Author's Note: 10 Emerging Technologies in the Energy Industry

Almost every time I write an article for HowStuffWorks, I learn something new, and I pass the learning on to you. That really goes without saying.

But I love science. I love rovers on Mars and mice with ears on their backs. I love farting microbes and molten glass. Writing an article like this means I have to (get to) read a bunch of scientific articles and search the intertubes for cool new stuff that's being reported right this very minute.

I took this opportunity to sign up for the RSS feed or newsletter of every one of my sources, and to get a copy of a 300-page government report on energy sent to me as a PDF. I didn't even get to use it as a source for this article! Gah! Maybe next time...

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