How to Choose a Kid-friendly Laptop Computer

Ready for a Kid-friendly Laptop?

Narrowing down an age for buying children computers of their own might depend on how much you're being edged out of using the home computer yourself -- and how good a time it is to take advantage of a child's enthusiasm for computers. Giving a child his or her own laptop also depends on how responsible the individual child is and how willingly they follow the rules you set down. A laptop doesn't exactly require the care and attention of a puppy, but it isn't a baseball card or doll, either. Knowing how well a child will care for a laptop may be one of the biggest factors.

Whether or not to buy an inexpensive laptop in case it takes a beating or to buy a more expensive model that will last and grow with your child is also important. And looking for a solid manufacturer's warranty guaranteeing replacement or repair of defective parts is one "should" of buying, no matter the cost of the laptop.

Whether you're still on the fence about buying a computer for the young ones in your family or have already decided to get them plugged in and wired on their own machine, maybe we can help as you narrow down the options, next.