5 Times to Use a GPS Tracker for Kids


Second-guessing Your Sitter

Ever since "nanny-cams" arrived on the scene, there's been debate over the legal and ethical consequences of spying on your babysitter. Is it ever OK? Are you obligated to tell your sitter that she's being watched?

Unlike cameras, GPS trackers can't show you what your child and your sitter are doing; they can only show you where the tracking device is. Some covert GPS trackers are designed to clip onto the bottom of a stroller, allowing you to keep tabs on your child without the caregiver's knowledge. Aside from the outright creepiness of keeping tabs on another adult without her knowledge, if you have reason to suspect that your sitter is taking your child on illicit adventures instead of to the playground, you probably need a new nanny more than you need a GPS tracker.

Our first four scenarios involve children who would presumably want to be found if lost, whether or not they're aware that you've outfitted them with a GPS tracker. But what about an age group that's notorious for hiding things from their parents? Is it ever OK to GPS track your teen?