5 Times to Use a GPS Tracker for Kids


Trips and Outings

Even if your kids aren't prone to running off, it can be difficult to keep track of them in a crowded setting like a ball game, amusement park, parade or even a shopping mall. If you're heading out with young children, you may find that slipping GPS trackers into their pockets or putting a tracking bracelet around an ankle or wrist provides some peace of mind. Just be sure that you choose a device that provides real-time location data (as opposed to recording information to be uploaded and reviewed later), can be tracked on your smartphone and is accurate to within a few feet.

You might also be tempted to consider a GPS tracker for outings such as a wilderness camping trip or a long hike, and, not surprisingly, there are devices designed for those adventures, too. One model, the Spot Satellite GPS Messenger, lets your child send an "I'm OK" or "Send Help" message with the push of a button, even in remote areas with no cell phone signal.

If there's no wilderness expedition in your immediate future, you may be concerned about potential dangers in your own neighborhood. Can GPS trackers help?