5 Great Tablet Computers for Kids

Fisher-Price iXL
Fisher-Price iXL
Fisher-Price iXL

The Fisher-Price iXL has been called "the iPad for the kindergarten crowd." Aimed at just that age group (3 to 7 years old), the iXL comes in a clamshell shape, making it easily portable and durable. In February 2012, its price tag was $80; it has a 3.3-inch (8.3-centimeter) screen and runs on AA batteries, like the majority of the tablets in this article. You can also purchase an optional battery charging station for $35.

When you first turn on the iXL, you can set up a profile for your child or children -- the device allows you to create up to five customized profiles. Preloaded content includes a storybook, game player, music player, art studio, notebook and photo album.

An animated monkey guides kids around the iXL and stars in the preloaded game and book. You can connect the iXL to a computer and download other programs, as well as put photos and music from your computer onto the iXL. In terms of learning activities, the storybook reads out loud and lights up the words as they're spoken. The notebook helps youngsters practice their handwriting by providing letters for them to trace.

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