5 Practical Phones for Kids



A smartphone is probably best suited for an older teen.
A smartphone is probably best suited for an older teen.

Smart phones are the premier phones on the market today. They're fast and often have large displays. Because they have operating systems like a computer, they're typically compatible with thousands or sometimes hundreds of thousands of applications, or apps, and can surf the Web at lightning speed. These are not considered phones for young children, but let's think about your older child for a second: If you have a responsible, tech-savvy teenager with academic aspirations, this is one handheld tool that could give her an edge in her studies and beyond.

Having this type of mobile functionality at her fingertips will allow your teen to download an app that will, say, identify all the trees (or plants or cars) she passes on her way home, or automatically translate the menu at your favorite Cuban restaurant. It provides a learning-on-the-fly opportunity with incredible potential no conventional classroom experience can match. Could all that powerful functionality be abused? Sure, but if you trust your teen and can afford this kind of pricy device, it certainly makes you wish you had one way back when, doesn't it?