5 Positive iPad Apps for Kids


iTot Toddler Flashcards

What it is: Power learning, even for the diaper set! Just like traditional flashcards for kids, Toddler Flashcards teach children the basics of early learning, such as names of animals, foods and more. Unlike traditional flashcards, these cards speak and play animal sounds.

How it works: Each flashcard appears full-screen with an image and the word spelled out on the bottom. Sounds include a voice that pronounces the word and sometimes an associated sound, such as the quack of a duck or the whinny of a horse. The child scrolls through the cards by swiping the screen to reveal the next flashcard.

Why we like it: Toddler Flashcards has enough features to keep children learning for years. First, they'll learn from the Animals, Foods and Things menus. As they grow, they can begin using the advanced menus such as Alphabet, Numbers, Colors and Shapes. Plus, there are language options, so your child can learn words in English, Spanish, French and Chinese.