5 Positive iPad Apps for Kids


The Pianist

Composing a piece, perhaps?
Composing a piece, perhaps?
Gary John Norman/Taxi/Getty Images

What it is: a virtual, full 88-key piano

How it works: Tickling the ivories couldn't be easier, and you won't need to find a place to put a baby grand. Press a piano key on The Pianist app and it will appear to depress, just like a regular piano. If your child needs help learning notes, keys can be labeled ("C3" and "D3" are the "C" and "D keys in the third octave, for example).

Why we like it: The Pianist is great for simple playing and for learning notes, and the metronome will help teach rhythm and tempo. But this app is so feature rich that advanced options will keep a child using it for years. Compositions can be recorded and saved for playback, so children can learn from their own trials and errors. As a child advances, the overdub feature may be used to create more complex pieces, and notes can actually be removed -- so the compositions may be edited!