5 Great Learning Tablets for Kids

Apple iPad 2

If you're thinking about getting a tablet for your kids, don't overlook the device that's truly the "Mac daddy" of them all. While the Apple iPad 2 may be a tad expensive starting at $499, it's also the easiest to use, responsive and feature-rich. Plus, it's lightweight, quick, and boasts a 10-hour battery life.

The iPad 2 offers the widest variety of learning apps, encompassing an extensive range of topics and complexity, so it grows along with your child. And for entertainment, the iPad 2 offers videos, movies, books and games galore.

Although handing your little ones something they'll regard as a $500 toy seems like a recipe for disaster, many parents comment that the iPad 2 is intuitive enough for toddlers to navigate with little assistance. If you decide to share your iPad with your little ones (or even give them with one of their own), durable cases are available to protect your investment, from sturdy and sensible to toddler-friendly and a little bit silly (see the iGuy).

Whatever tablet you choose, it's certain to become the favorite toy of every youngster (or just the young at heart) in your household!

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