10 Educational Video Games Your Kids Will Love



Kids can engage in decision-making, planning, diplomacy, strategy and exploration with this in-depth civilization-building simulation game.

Accumulate resources in order to grow and develop your civilization, and if those resources aren't in your territory you'll have to negotiate and trade with other civilizations. Each thing you build -- granaries, factories, markets, banks, universities -- opens up new opportunities for development and advancement. Make important decisions about the focus of your civilization: Do you want to build up your military and be a nation of conquerors, or invest in scientific research and win the game through technological development? There are several ways to win the game -- military victory, scientific victory, economic victory or cultural victory -- and you decide the focus and results through the decisions you make and how you choose to allocate your resources. But don't forget to balance the needs of a growing society with your goal of winning the game!

Civilization is available for the PC or Xbox and is appropriate for kids ages 10 and up.