What technologies are helping families build new bonds?

Finding Family
Your family reunion could triple by next year.
Your family reunion could triple by next year.

If you have a deeper interest in exploring your family tree, genealogy sites like ancestry.com can assist you in discovering more about your background. After you uncover a few new clues in the old family Bible, you can post them to the site for others to use in their own searches. It's an ingenious way to grow strong branches on your family tree that everyone can appreciate and enjoy.

The Internet and mobile devices are making it easier for families to keep in touch in some ways, and digital tools are keeping the connection versatile and user friendly. You may not see your son hanging around the family room on Saturday afternoon, but if he calls your cell asking you to bring him a sandwich in his bedroom, don't be too shocked. Actually, it may be kind of flattering to be invited into the inner sanctum every once in a while.

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