Talking to Your Teens About Tech Etiquette

They learn from you, so be on your best behavior.
They learn from you, so be on your best behavior.

For many adults, there's nothing more pleasant than a well-mannered teenager, and nothing much more embarrassing for a parent than a teen who doesn't know the meaning of "please" and "thank you." Teaching your children manners and etiquette is an important part of raising a successful adult, and these days, parents need to add technology etiquette to the list, too. Each device has its own set of etiquette rules, so it's advisable to cover them all. It's almost a certainty that your teens are using any and all technology available to them.

The first, and possibly most important step in teaching your teen proper tech etiquette is to make sure you practice it yourself. Like anything, the guidelines you put in place will fall on deaf ears if you aren't sticking to them yourself. The old days of "do as I say and not as I do" doesn't really fly anymore with today's savvy teen. It's up to you to set the rules and provide the examples for your teens -- from when to take cell phones calls and respond to texts and e-mails, to what kinds of things to share on e-mail and social media. Read on for important tech etiquette refreshers that will be helpful for your entire household.

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