5 Ways Technology Is Helping Us Preserve Family Memories


Digital Cameras

The first no-film camera was patented by Texas Instruments in 1972, with Kodak hot on their trail a few years later in 1975. The megapixel sensor came along in 1986, but the first the first true digital camera to hit the consumer market wasn't available until 1994. Since then, cameras have become smaller, faster, better quality and film has pretty much -- sadly -- become a thing of the past.

Many cell phones today contain cameras that are far better than the original digital camera offerings just a decade ago. The ease of use and portability, especially in the case of camera phones, has made preserving family memories quicker and more convenient than ever before. In just a few seconds, a memory can be captured and shared on the Internet for your entire family to enjoy. And like all technology, these things will only get smaller, faster and less expensive.