5 Ways Technology Has Improved Family Communications


Keeping Family Members Safer

GPS isn't only used for directions anymore.
GPS isn't only used for directions anymore.

There's a lot of media coverage about the ways technology puts people at risk (think identity theft, online predators and cyber-bullying), but technology can be family friendly, too. You may rely on the GPS (global positioning system) in your car to get to the dentist without making a wrong turn, but the technology can do so much more. A GPS chip in your child's backpack or phone could help find him in an emergency, and one sewn into your dog's collar, or a microchip ID inserted under his skin, could save your pooch's life if he ever succeeds in getting out of the yard (and into the dogcatcher's wagon).

New applications for GPS technology are being developed all the time. Recently GTX Corporation released a line of special GPS-outfitted shoes that help track Alzheimer's patients. Who knows, one day personal GPS safety devices may become as common as wristwatches, handbags or key chains.