5 Tips for Creating High-tech Family Traditions



According to a 2011 survey on blogging, about half of all people who blog are parents. Add to that the number of kids and young adults who blog themselves -- and who also have parents -- and it's pretty likely that a great deal of talent and creativity can be found all under one roof. A family blog or more condensed microblog can be a family platform for news, photos and funny stories to publish publically or just for friends and relatives.

Updates to the blog or Web site might be handled as a team, with a set day and time for getting together and contributing to stories and taking photos, or each member of the family can have an assigned slot posting stories and photos. Keeping the tech side, or the actual publishing function, a shared duty, as well, can help keep older family members (mom or dad perhaps) in the loop on what the kids are learning. Some families have made such a tradition of blogging that their children have practically grown up in the blog-light.