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The PS3 Gets a Grip

Sony introduced the PS3 Slim in the summer of 2009.
Sony introduced the PS3 Slim in the summer of 2009.
AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye

At the beginning of 2009, Sony's PlayStation 3 faced an uphill battle. In the United States, PS3 sales lagged behind Microsoft's Xbox 360. Nintendo's Wii console left the other two behind in the dust. Game journalists and enthusiasts had a host of reasons for Sony's lackluster market performance. Developing games for the console was hard, which meant fewer good games were available. The console was the most expensive on the market with no sign of a price break. Sony's online component paled in comparison to Microsoft's Xbox Live service.

But in August 2009, Sony made a big move and turned things around for the PS3. The company introduced the PlayStation 3 Slim and slashed prices drastically. Suddenly, the PS3's price was competitive with that of the Xbox 360. Add in the PS3's capabilities as a Blu-ray DVD player and you had an enticing package. As a result, Sony PlayStation 3 sales took the lead in September, beating out the Nintendo Wii in sales for the first time ever in the United States (source: Satariano).

The price cut seems to prove that thousands of gamers wanted to adopt the game system but held back due to its price tag. And Sony has some big games lined up to keep up the momentum. Now that the PS3's appeal extends beyond the hardcore group of Sony fans, expect Sony to shake up the video game market in 2010.