10 Technologies Kids Already Don’t Know How to Use


Film Cameras

“This is a really weird telescope.” © Mamuka Gotsiridze/iStockphoto
“This is a really weird telescope.” © Mamuka Gotsiridze/iStockphoto

Another technology that didn't make it unscathed through the digital revolution was the film camera. Digital cameras have technically been around for decades, but they first appeared in their current form in the mid-1990s as small point-and-shoot cameras with LCD view screens. They began to surpass film cameras in sales around 2003, and they took over the market almost entirely within just a few years. As a result, children today have grown up almost entirely with the instant gratification of digital cameras. When you show a child an old-school film camera, they're unlikely to know that it needs film, how to load or advance the film or how to get them to take a picture. And the lack of a preview screen baffles them, never mind the steps and expense necessary to get the film developed so you could actually see your photos.

Now that most smartphones have high-resolution cameras, they're cutting into the digital camera market, so the point-and-shoot camera in general may be a puzzlement to the kids of the near future.