10 Technologies Kids Already Don’t Know How to Use

The Original iPod
Old-school iPods even seem odd to people who have watched them evolve. © Kim Kulish/Corbis

The original iPod, released in 2001, was a portable digital music player with a monochrome display. Kids today find many things about it baffling [source: Fine Brothers]. It required headphones to use since it didn't have built-in speakers, and it didn't have a touchscreen. You had to turn a physical scroll wheel to navigate through your songs. The original also didn't really do anything but let you store and play songs. And you couldn't even buy and load songs from the Internet from the device itself. You had to physically connect it to your computer via a cable to download new content. iTunes wasn't even introduced until 2003, so there was no easy single purchase point for your songs.

Like many outmoded devices, they were large and clunky by today's standards. They weren't as intuitive to navigate and didn't do nearly as much as newer mobile devices. The iPod has since morphed into the iPod Touch, which is a full-fledged mini tablet with wireless connectivity that can play music, movies, games and more. It's pretty much an iPhone without the phone, which is way more modern kids' speed. And pretty much all smartphones can carry a lot of digital music, making a dedicated MP3 player unnecessary for most people.