10 Biggest Tech Headlines in 2012


Marissa Mayer Becomes the New Yahoo CEO

Yahoo has a new CEO. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Yahoo has a new CEO. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It's been a tough few years for Yahoo. The company has struggled to maintain its identity and relevance. Over the last five years, Yahoo has had five different chief executive officers. But there's hope that Marissa Mayer, the latest person to helm Yahoo, will turn the company around.

Mayer comes to Yahoo by way of Google. She was Google's 20th employee and had a hand in the minimalist design of the search giant's home page. She was also a key player in Google's search and local products.

Reinvigorating Yahoo could be a challenge. The company has had to weather a series of executive PR problems, ranging from Yahoo founder Jerry Yang's departure from the company to the revelation that former CEO Scott Thompson fabricated items on his corporate résumé. Revenue growth at Yahoo has slowed to 1 percent year over year [source: Sloan]. And Yahoo's deal with Microsoft, in which Microsoft provides the search engine technology for Yahoo, isn't hitting revenue goals [source: Sullivan].

It remains to be seen if Mayer can help Yahoo turn a corner and redefine itself as a powerful brand with growth potential.