How Dock-N-Talk Works

Dock-N-Talk Advantages

With the Dock-N-Talk, you can connect phone extensions anywhere in your home to your cell phone line.
With the Dock-N-Talk, you can connect phone extensions anywhere in your home to your cell phone line.
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Beyond replacing your home phone, the Dock-N-Talk could function as a portable phone number, which could come in handy in the following situations:

  • For college students, their cell phone (and the minutes and costs associated with them) could be used in the dorm, instead of adding cell phone costs to the dorm room phone bill.
  • A home-based business could use the land line for the home and the cell line as the business phone. Not only would it provide a separate phone line using traditional phones, but entrepreneurs could also separate personal phone charges from business charges without combing through phone records.
  • The Dock-N-Talk could be used in a vacation home, eliminating the need for another account that isn't used often enough to justify the expense.
  • Parents could set up a separate phone line for a teenager's room, freeing up their home phone without adding another expense to their land line account.

Calls on the Dock-N-Talk phone also offer the advantage of clearer reception than a cell phone, since you'll presumably dock your cell phone where you get the best reception. You can take your land line cordless phone throughout the house without losing reception from your docking station. Additionally, standard cell phone features like caller ID and voice dialing can be used in the same manner on a traditional land-line phone.

­In addition to all this, if you drop your landline phone account, you'll make up a lot of the initial cost of the Dock-N-Talk (it retails for around $150) through your cell phone plans, which, unlike most landline service plans, often include free nights and weekends. The fact that the Dock-N-Talk has no monthly charges should also soften the hit to your wallet.

Before you decide to send the phone company packing and buy a Dock-N-Talk, there are some things you should know that might make you second-guess that choice. Take a look at the next page for some reasons to reconsider a Dock-N-Talk.