Consumer Electronics Show 2005

Sony's Laptops

Sony had a nice display showing of all of their laptop models -- perhaps a dozen, maybe more. They were arranged from smallest to biggest. At the small end was this little computer:

This is a complete machine running Windows XP Pro. It has an 800x600 screen, along with a number of navigation aids on either side to make it easy to scroll through things on the go. It is bigger and bulkier than the OQO, which came out this year, but the screen is larger so that is to be expected. It lacks the cool keyboard of the OQO, unfortunately.

At the big end there was the VGN-A600:

To call it a "desktop replacement" would be unfair, because most people don't have desktop machines that are this nice. The most impressive feature is the screen, which has 1920x1200 pixels.

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