Consumer Electronics Show 2005

Forza's Extreme Xbox Setup

Forza Motorsport makes driving games. One of its platforms is the Xbox, and the people from Forza had an Xbox setup at CES that seemed unique to me.

If you have read about Halo Networking, you understand some of the interesting networking capabilities designed into Xbox. These capabilities allow multi-player configurations on a network. What Forza demonstrated was a way to network Xboxes together to get multiple views for a single player. You can see the arrangement here:

In front of the player are three Xboxes. They are networked together and connected to the three plasma displays. The steering wheel and foot pedal inputs go into one Xbox, and that Xbox drives the other two. Each Xbox plays a different view of the same game, with all views completely synchronized.

When you sit in the driver's seat, it feels like you are able to look out the front window of the car, along with both side windows. It is extremely realistic, and since it activates your peripheral vision it is much more immersive. A very impressive demo!

For more information, visit Forza Motorsport.