Consumer Electronics Show 2005

ATI Amps

A number of manufacturers were showing huge, seven-channel amplifiers like this one from ATI:

Each channel can handle up to 300 watts. At the front of the amp are two huge toroidal transformers. The main body of the amp is taken up by giant black heat sinks.

One interesting problem that these amps create has to do with power. Seven channels times 300 watts per channels means a total of 2,100 peak watts. In many homes, you cannot plug the amp into a normal wall outlet because the 15-amp circuit breaker cannot support 2,100 watts. So some of the amplifiers in the class have two separate line cords. You plug each cord into a different plug (on separate circuit breakers). Otherwise, you would have to run a new 30-amp circuit from the fuse panel.

For more information, visit ATI Amplifier Technologies.