Consumer Electronics Show 2004

Quantum-Optical RAM

Quantum-Optical RAM
Quantum-Optical RAM

It's hard to know if this is real or not, but I will report what I saw. A company called Compu-Technics was showing something called Quantum-Optical RAM -- a very dense, non-volatile, high-speed memory device:

In another display (and on the AtomChip Web site), there is a 256-GB device not much bigger than the connector on a USB cable. The brochure the company was handing out says things like this:

  • The chip has a much higher capacity when compared with Flash memory, has the lowest cost per gigabyte, and does not have a limited number of cycles to update information. Therefore, Quantum-Optical memory can be used as RAM, unlike Flash memory, which can only be used as storage.
  • The new Quantum-Optical technology has a minimum sustained write speed of 6 GB per second and a read speed of 8 GB per second.
  • Does it all with low power consumption, which means longer battery life.
  • 256 GB of memory fits in a recording [medium] with the physical dimensions of 10 mm x 4 mm x 4 mm.
  • Complete lack of mechanical parts combined with ultra-high density, ultra-high speed and extremely compact size distinguish this memory from all existing memories.
  • Patent #5,841,689

So, either this is like cold fusion and it's a hoax, or we are about to see a fundamental paradigm shift that completely redefines the nature of computer storage. A typical hard-disk bay could hold many terabytes of this Quantum-Optical memory.

We will see...

For more information, visit the Compu-Technics Web site.