Consumer Electronics Show 2004

Solar-powered jacket prototype
Solar-powered jacket prototype

One thing that all the electronic gadgets at CES require is power, and you may not have a plug nearby. If you are outdoors and it is sunny, then this jacket from ICPSolar in conjunction with SCOTTeVEST might be an option:

Although not available yet, it generates 5 volts at 50 milliamps and can power something like a cell phone or a portable CD player. Another option is this roll-up mat, which is significantly larger:

PowerFLEX 20

It generates 1.2 amps at 16.5 volts (20 watts) and can therefore power or recharge just about any portable electronic device.

What's making these wearable and rollable solar arrays possible? It's these new flexible solar cells manufactured on a thin plastic film:


For more information, visit the ICPSolar Web site.