Consumer Electronics Show 2004

Cell Bungee

Cell Bungee
Cell Bungee

The product is called Cell Bungee. It's a way to attach your cell phone to your belt or your purse with a thin, retractable cord so you never drop or misplace your cell phone again:

What was more interesting about this company than the product was the nature of the business. There were three people at the Cell Bungee booth, all related, who started the company together, imported the products, packaged them, did the marketing materials, got a booth at CES and came in from Brooklyn, NY, for the show. The only reason I noticed Cell Bungee was because the people grabbed me as I walked by and made sure I heard about their product.

There were lots of small companies like that from around the world at CES, selling products both simple and complex. All of them were taking their shot at the American dream. It was cool to see that even at a show this big and sophisticated, the little guy still has a shot.

For more information, visit the Cell Bungee Web site.

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