Consumer Electronics Show 2004

OQO Computer

OQO ultra personal computer (uPC)
OQO ultra personal computer (uPC)

This new device from OQO is trying to cram an entire laptop computer into a PDA-sized package. It has an internal 20-GB hard drive and runs Windows XP Professional operating system.

uPC cable uPC cable
uPC cable

The idea is that, instead of having a PC and a PDA, you would use the OQO computer as your desktop PC and then stick it in your pocket and take it with you whenever you leave your desk. That way, you've got just one computer, and you never have to worry about syncing up. Also, you have access to all your normal applications and files wherever you go.

OQO has managed to shrink things so much by using a couple of different tricks. First, they've reduced the internal part count by eliminating support components and transferring the functionality of those components into software that runs on the main CPU. Second, they are using an innovative cable (shown at right) that combines all of the connectors for a network cable, USB device, monitor, etc., into one wire that has multiple taps.

When you are using it in portable mode, the screen size is 800x480 pixels -- much bigger than a normal PDA display, and wide enough to browse standard Web pages without a lot of hassle.

For more information, visit the OQO Web site.