Consumer Electronics Show 2004


Inside the Visteon Hummer
Inside the Visteon Hummer

Visteon is a huge company, but chances are you have never heard of it. They make components like steering systems and instrument panels that go inside of cars. At CES, Visteon became more visible by demonstrating a variety of in-car entertainment and computer systems.

For example, Visteon had a Hummer 2 that they had outfitted with a variety of new in-car systems. The Hummer had an onboard Pentium 4 computer, and in the back of every headrest (along with the front console) there was a dockable ViewSonic Smart Display. You could detach the display and hold it in your lap, or leave it in the headrest. The computer had Wi-Fi, so you could also fire up a normal laptop inside the car (or up to 100 meters away) and interact with the car's network, as well. A cell phone connection provided the car with Internet access. The car's computer could understand voice commands. And that's just a few of the features. It was a very impressive demo.

In the center armrest was an innovative charging system from a company called Splashpower. A compatible PDA, cell phone, etc., doesn't need any wires to recharge. You simply place the device on the SplashPower pad and it starts charging automatically through induction.

For more information, visit the Visteon Web site.