Consumer Electronics Show 2004

Sony UX50 PDA

The Sony UX50 PDA
The Sony UX50 PDA

Sony demoed and is currently shipping the UX50, a state-of-the-art PDA:

In this picture, it is shown sitting on its docking station, so it is actually thinner than it looks.

This PDA runs on the Palm OS and has just about anything you've ever imagined stuffing into a PDA. For example, it has a decent-sized keyboard, a nice little color screen, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a camera, a Web browser and e-mail capability. It also uses a new low-power processor that gives it great battery life. For example, I was told:

  • You could go into a Wi-Fi hot spot and browse the Web for more than four hours on one charge.
  • It can play MP3 files for 16 hours.
  • If you cannot find a hot spot, it can communicate with a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and use it to get an Internet connection.
  • It can play video files that you've saved on a Memory Stick.
  • And it will accept an external battery that triples the battery life.

For more information, visit the Sony Web site.