Consumer Electronics Show 2007

CES: High-Tech Toys

A 108-inch, high-definitionTV is definitely cool, but it's not likely to fit into the average person's home. Here are some new high-tech toys that are a little more down to earth.

LG Electronics Super Multi Blue Player


Many people are still on the fence about whether to choose a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player. Others think the format war is overrated and are sticking with their trusty DVD players until upgrading becomes a necessity. LG Electronics has introduced what might be an ideal option -- a player that can use both high-definition formats.

The multi-functional player will hit the market in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2007. It should sell for around $1,199.

Sanyo Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Photo courtesy Sanyo

Sitting in a massage chair used to be like sitting in a giant, padded cell phone set to vibrate. But newer chairs feature built-in, moving balls that feel uncannily like kneading hands. Sanyo's new Zero-Gravity Massage Chair takes all that one step further -- it reclines during your massage.

Photo courtesy Sanyo.

The Sanyo massage chair also has an impressive set of controls. You can choose from different massage styles, like shiatsu and tapping, and you can focus the massage on your neck and shoulders, lower back or lower body. The chair also features an automated massage circuit that includes the whole body. The chair should be available in the spring of 2007.

Casio Pathfinder PAW1300T-7V

Photo courtesy Casio

Even without a lot of bells and whistles, atomic clocks are neat. They display the standard time that the U.S. Naval Observatory's Master Clock keeps, and NASA uses this standard time when counting down for space shuttle launches. Plus, the idea that your clock or watch is periodically synching up with a clock that might be hundreds or thousands of miles away is inherently cool.

Casio's newest addition to their Pathfinder wristwatch line is a solar-powered atomic wristwatch. It uses a tiny antenna to communicate with the Naval Observatory clock a few times a day, and it uses solar power to recharge the batteries. On top of that, the Pathfinder PAW1300T-7V includes a barometer, an altimeter and a digital compass.

Some of the products that made their debut at CES are geared more toward practicality than coolness or style. We'll look at a few of those next.